Is Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer program best for you?

When you haven’t watched the webinar that explains what it’s all about, I’ll go over a fast overview.

High ticket closing in its most basic type is where you’re closing folks on buying High Ticket Clients priced product or service. And with that higher price, comes very attractive commissions.

For example, should you close somebody on a $5,000 program and also you get 10% commission, within a 30–45 minute phone call, you just made $500. And 10% is conservative, right now, I’m working with a business that has $5,000 packages and so they’re giving me 25% commision. That’s $1,250 per shut! More than what most people break their back over to make in a month.

That $1,250 would’ve taken me 37.5 days at 7 hours per day at my first job as a Taekwondo teacher, or round 85 hours at my first improvement job, or 32 hours at my current web dev job. And now I have the opportunity of creating that in 30–60 minutes.

And with that higher worth, typical gross sales strategies don’t work at all. And that’s part of what Dan teaches.

In the event you cringe at the considered being a slimy, snake oil salesperson, which I was concerned with, HTC teaches you the way to be the precise opposite of that. So that you don’t have to fret about that.

That’s powerful.

One of many greatest variations about this course is that it’s live for 7 weeks.

Meaning, once per week for three–4 hours per class, you get intimate time with a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur along with his very successful co-instructors where they actually offer you anything and everything you possibly can possibly must be successful.

Why should you learn high ticket closing in general?

For you analytical individuals on the market like myself, the most obvious reason is the money. Or more specifically, how effectively you can make some huge cash compared to salary, hourly, and low ticket sales jobs as I had just explained.

For the people on the market that wish to make a difference, I’m talking to you, it’s the flexibility, the skill to close folks on changing their lives. One instance is you can find a coach that transforms people’s lives, whether that’d be career, relationship, courting-wise, and many others and you possibly can shut individuals on what they offer. That manner, you’re the direct reason why their lives will likely be improved because you were the one to convince them to take a program that you know they need.

For you competitive individuals on the market, additionally like myself, this provides you the talent needed to get to the status you want to be at faster. To make the money you want faster, to purchase the dream car and house you need faster, etc.

For people who just enjoy having a great time, since you’re making so much money in less time, you possibly can take back all that point that you simply’d typically waste at a job. Then you may go to clubs, or live shows, or ingesting or whatever more.